Garage Warrior Wins $500 for Air Compressor Review

Garage Warrior Wins $500 for Air Compressor Review

Hulk Silent Air Compressor Video Review

BLYTHEWOOD, SC (May 15, 2018) - A garage warrior from Connecticut became $500 richer as the new winner of Power Equipment Direct's video review contest.

Power Equipment Direct (PED) holds a bi-monthly video review competition that gives their customers a chance to win $500 by posting their honest and informative product reviews on YouTube. The videos are featured on their website and help other shoppers by seeing products tested in real-world applications. The latest winner is Chris H. of Blythewood, South Carolina for his thorough review of a Hulk Power Silent Air Compressor.

"This video comes stuffed with details that people will want to know when it comes to portable, quiet compressors, especially if they're having a tough time deciding between models," explained Jim Lustyk, air compressor expert at Power Equipment Direct.

"Chris demonstrated the loudness to his old hot-dog style compressor, which was twice as loud than the new Hulk compressor. Then, he explained essential features like the upgraded capacity and fittings, gauge panel, and drain valve.

If you're in the market for a portable air compressor, I highly recommend watching Chris' video review because it's exactly what people will want to know."

When PED reached out to Chris, he was thrilled his video was chosen and continued to praise both the product and service he received.

"I bought this compressor to replace a small hotdog-style compressor that I've used for years," Chris explained. "I wanted more capacity and less noise, while still having some mobility. This one fit the bill.

The two cylinder motor is whisper-quiet, and it fills the tank quickly. The solid brass fittings seem substantial, and the quarter-turn drain valve is a plus. Obviously, this won't be quite as portable as a hotdog compressor, but at 80 pounds it's still manageable, and the wheels are a plus."

Chris concluded, "I rarely need to have two air tools hooked up at once, but now I can this compressor has two easy-connect outlets!"

Chris elaborated about his experience purchasing from a Power Equipment Direct store.

"I ordered this compressor on a Monday, and it arrived Thursday morning. It was well packaged and easy to open. [I'm] very pleased with the prompt processing of the order."

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