Joshua A.

Product Expert
Joshua was born and raised in Illinois and has been around compressors and pneumatic tools for many years. In high school, his auto shop teacher was very influential and helped turn his interest in working on cars into a passion that he continues to this day; he finds it relaxing and a great way to unwind and learn how things work.

Joshua has over 10 years of retail sales and customer service experience, including past work as a veterinary assistant, which taught him patience and empathy. Josh is a hard-working, easygoing person who is confident in his abilities and loves a good joke, too.

In his free time, Joshua enjoys spending time with his two children, working with his hands, exercising and biking, playing video games, building computers, and is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic. As a die-hard Chicago Bears and White Sox fan, Josh played football in high school and never misses a game on TV.

Joshua’s favorite part about being the Air Compressor Expert is the satisfaction he gets from helping customers build out their systems, because “every build is unique like a puzzle.” His mission is to make sure every customer buys a compressor system they are confident in, and one that is sized properly and will last for years to come.
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Joshua A.
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