Twin-Stack Air Compressor Buyer's Guide

Twin-Stack Air Compressor Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Twin-Stack Compressor

You don't have to be Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor to take on home improvement tasks.

In fact, there are a number of things you do around the house that would be easier with a compressor.

Twin-stack air compressors are made for the average homeowner.

You'll be able to inflate anything in no time or even run air tools like brad guns and staplers.

Direct Drive

Direct Drive CompressorAll our consumer twin stack compressors are direct drive, oil-free units. This means they require a fraction of the maintenance of belt-drive compressors. You won't have to worry about performing routine maintenance such as oil changes and belt replacements.

There is a trade-off for the ease of use though. Direct drive compressors are louder because there is no oil to lubricate the pump. Also, the lack of oil means the pump will not last as long and the compressor may need to be replaced sooner.

Tank Size

4-Gallon Twin Stack CompressorConsumer twin stack air compressors come in two different sizes, 2- and 4-gallons. 2-gallon compressors are going to have to run more often to keep a supply of air in the tank.

4-gallon twin stack compressors will not run as often as they have double the air reserve in their tanks. The trade-off is they will weigh more. With the noise level, you may appreciate a compressor that's not running all day.

Bonus Kits

Twin Stack Compressor Bonus KitIf you're buying a twin stack compressor to run a stapler or brad nailer, look for a model that comes with a combo kit. That's right, get a stapler/brad nailer for free along with your compressor.

These kits include an air hose to connect your tools to your compressor. These consumer-grade kits include essentially everything you could need for your new compressor, such as inflation needles, nozzles, and even the staples or brads.

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