California Handyman Wins $500 After

California Handyman Wins $500 After "Ear-Opening" Air Compressor Review

Hulk Air Compressor Video Review

SANTA CLARITA, CA (January 11, 2019) - A California handyman is starting the new year off $500 richer after winning the first Power Equipment Direct video review contest of 2019.

Power Equipment Direct (PED) holds a quarterly video review competition that gives its customers a chance to win $500 by posting their honest and informative product reviews on YouTube.

The videos are featured on the company's website and help other shoppers by showcasing products tested in real-world applications. The latest winner is Robert R. of Santa Clarita, California for his insightful review of a Hulk air compressor.

"Robert's video provides an 'ear-opening' comparison between the loudness of his old air compressor and his new Hulk unit," said Gabrielle Framke, air compressor product expert at Power Equipment Direct.

She continued, "You can audibly hear the difference between Robert's old, 90-decibel compressor and the Hulk, which he measures at 60 decibels right next to the unit. The mere fact that he can clearly talk over the Hulk is a testament to its quiet performance."

Power Equipment Direct reached out to Robert for comment after he filmed his video. "If you want to have a conversation in your shop standing near this compressor, you will hardly notice it operating," he explained. "In fact, if you have noisy pets or children, they will most likely drown out the quiet sound of this compact marvel."

He also described other aspects of the unit. "It is durable, well-built, and draws very low amps when in use. The output pressure is easily adjusted and the controls are laid out in a well-designed cluster. I've given it a place of honor in my garage as one of the best tool investments I've ever made over 55 years of using tools from dozens of trades."

Robert further elaborated on his shopping experience. "Power Equipment Direct is one of the best examples of how an online tool distributor should operate. I received my HULK air compressor in far less time than I expected, it arrived in perfect condition, and the product exceeded all my expectations."

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