DC Compressor Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect DC Air Compressor

Air Compressor Product Expert

If you're an off-roading enthusiast, you feel at home driving off the beaten path.

However, if you get a flat or need to perform some maintenance, you might start worrying.

You can't just throw a 600 lb. compressor in your Jeep. Likewise, a handheld inflator won't do the trick. But, you can easily bring a DC compressor with you.

Small, lightweight and extremely powerful and efficient for their size, DC compressors are the perfect off-road air compressor.

Tank vs. Tankless
DC Compressor With TankHaving an air tank allows a compressor to start less often, but when it does it will have to run for longer periods to fill the tank.

If you need to power tools which require lots of CFM, you'll want an air tank. Also, if you are powering an air suspension system, an air tank will allow your vehicle to get up extremely quickly.

Tank-less DC CompressorWithout a tank, the compressor doesn't have an air reserve to draw from, but that doesn't mean it has to work harder. It just runs more frequently.

The more powerful DC compressors make air tanks unnecessary. They're so efficient you can run powerful air tools like socket and impact wrenches with ease.

Cooling Fan
DC Compressor FanDC compressors work very efficiently to produce a great amount of power from a small unit. This can cause the compressor to overheat, and in the worst case, this could compromise the compressor.

Look for a model with a forced-air cooling system. Two powerful fans, one for the housing and one for the electric motor, run to keep the compressor operating in top form.

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