Air Compressors Direct Lists Best 2016 Air Compressors

Highly Accurate Air Compressor Rankings for 2016

BOLINGBROOK, IL (October 12, 2016) - Air Compressors Direct's increasingly popular rankings and reviews have been announced for 2016 to help online shoppers pick the perfect air compressor.

The industry-leading online air compressor retailer and review site is listing more than 1,100 air compressor models and publishes over 2,600 reviews from real online shoppers.

The advanced algorithm they use generates an exact letter grade for each individual compressor, making it possible for to provide shoppers with the most current and comprehensive 2016 air compressor rankings and reviews online.

“A lot of 'best-selling' lists found on the internet are randomly generated by affiliate sites who are seeking a commission for their recommendations,” said Steve Robbins, product expert at “Other 'top-rated' lists found in magazines tend to be so old that most of the models are already outdated or discontinued.”

According to Robbins, Air Compressors Direct's lists are the most reliable source for real-time credible air compressor rankings for three distinct reasons:

1. Three Lists in One
The word “best” holds different meaning for different people. For that reason, publishes lists that can be sorted three ways. Visitors to the site can sort compressors by best selling, top-rated or expert recommended models. In addition, they can filter those results to effectively narrow the selection of air compressors to find the exact model that fits their need.

Air Compressors Direct decided one list wouldn't be good enough to suit everyone's needs. So the online review site and retailer created customized lists for each of the eleven different styles of air compressors, ranging from small cordless inflators to large rotary screw compressors.

2. Real-Time
Most other best-selling lists are updated once each year at best, which means they're displaying discontinued compressors that were popular last year. To provide better assistance to shoppers, Air Compressors Direct's lists are updated in real-time, highlighting what’s hot and popular whenever you visit the site.

“To make their lists as accurate as possible, actual air compressor users can influence the rankings in real-time. If someone doesn't agree with the letter grade, they can simply submit a review, which immediately influences the ranking,” said Robbins, who works directly with all of the leading manufacturers and actual customers before recommending the highest quality compressors.

3. Free doesn't require visitors to sign-up or subscribe. Their goal is to instead educate shoppers with free information to help them pick the perfect air compressor.

"We're very passionate about educating the public about air compressors, which is why we're enthusiastic about sharing this valuable information for free," said Robbins. "We want shoppers to feel confident in their decision, and nothing makes you more confident than being well informed."

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